I first met Jesse Enkamp (Karate by Jesse) in person during what only can be described as a fateful crossroads.  On assignment in Okinawa, my team and I went to the only late-night hamburger place near the main strip and ordered.  As we sat, in walks the only other Western-looking guy for miles.  We’ve been friends ever since 🙂

Force Video Productions in Japan
Force Productions in Okinawa, Japan 2014

Since the philosophy of his company, Seishin International, has always mirrored his own ideas about giving knowledge to make the world a better place, we decided to promote his uniforms by making some instructional videos to help students learn.

Force Video Productions Set Construction
Force Video Productions, Cambridge – Building the Seishin Set

Jesse flew in from Sweden and the video production took place over a weekend in December.  The biggest challenge was integrating the hundreds of instagram posts he receives from followers online.  Our solution was a giant rear projection screen and have him interact with the slide show.  I love how it turned out!


Here’s a sample of the series:

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