VIDEO PRODUCTION: Osteoporosis Canada

In October 2015, we were contacted by a former client from the University of Waterloo to help mobilize the important research they had done on Osteoporosis.  They wanted a video production to help the information take life in the form of both typical and atypical stories about Osteo patients.  Each “story” was accompanied by two breakout videos about the specific exercise plans the patient did to reach their particular goals.

Force Video Productions Osteo
Force Video Productions on set for Osteoporosis Canada

As with most not-for-profit endeavours, budget and time were of concern.  BUT that’s where we shine and during the process, met some amazing people, learn some really interesting stuff about the disease, and worked with some very dedicated volunteers to bring it to life.  Here’s one of our favourite stories!

Thanks to Doctor Lora Giangregorio and her team (congrats on the recognition you received because of your efforts!)

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