I first met Jesse Enkamp (Karate by Jesse) in person during what only can be described as a fateful crossroads.  On assignment in Okinawa, my team and I went to the only late-night hamburger place near the main strip and ordered.  As we sat, in walks the only other Western-looking guy for miles.  We’ve been friends ever since :)

Force Video Productions in Japan

Force Productions in Okinawa, Japan 2014

Since the philosophy of his company, Seishin International, has always mirrored his own ideas about giving knowledge to make the world a better place, we decided to promote his uniforms by making some instructional videos to help students learn.

Force Video Productions Set Construction

Force Video Productions, Cambridge – Building the Seishin Set

Jesse flew in from Sweden and the video production took place over a weekend in December.  The biggest challenge was integrating the hundreds of instagram posts he receives from followers online.  Our solution was a giant rear projection screen and have him interact with the slide show.  I love how it turned out!


Here’s a sample of the series:

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Osteoporosis Canada

In October 2015, we were contacted by a former client from the University of Waterloo to help mobilize the important research they had done on Osteoporosis.  They wanted a video production to help the information take life in the form of both typical and atypical stories about Osteo patients.  Each “story” was accompanied by two breakout videos about the specific exercise plans the patient did to reach their particular goals.

Force Video Productions Osteo

Force Video Productions on set for Osteoporosis Canada

As with most not-for-profit endeavours, budget and time were of concern.  BUT that’s where we shine and during the process, met some amazing people, learn some really interesting stuff about the disease, and worked with some very dedicated volunteers to bring it to life.  Here’s one of our favourite stories!

Thanks to Doctor Lora Giangregorio and her team (congrats on the recognition you received because of your efforts!)

BRAWL Video Production Behind-The-Scenes

I think there are two very difficult phrases in film or video production …The very first time you call  “ACTION” on a new project and the final time you say “THAT’S A WRAP”.  There’s a real finality in both of those sayings.

BUT, the production journey in between is an experience that I love and wouldn’t change for anything.

Check out this behind the scenes video for the short film BRAWL that was written earlier in 2015 and shot in Cambridge and Brantford, Ontario in May!

Watch out for BRAWL online and in film festivals around the country.


NEW Portfolio Added to Vimeo

It’s been a bust start to the the year so far!  While I’m grateful to be out creating videos and sharing stories, it does mean limited time to share my own story.  I’ve put together a small portfolio with some of my recent projects here:

I have some exciting projects in the works and am including behind-the-scenes videos with many of them to help others learn my about my passion and process.  Look forward to seeing you soon!  – Andy

ADHD and Activity Success!

The visual, specifically video, medium is a very powerful tool in creating awareness and positive change.  I kept these goals firmly in mind as I followed the progress of a young student struggling with learning disabilities and attention deficit hyper activity disorder over the past summer.

The Active City television show hoped to capture the everyman challenge of physical activity as well as the benefits that come along with perseverance.  The actual show is 24 minutes in length but the following segment was cut down for use in ADHD education.

HD Real Estate Video Production

My passion as a filmmaker stems from my belief that stories have the power to connect and change for the better.  This is the philosophy I apply to all of my work, including HD real estate video production.

A solid video creation can add outstanding inbound content to your online presence.  My approach to video appeals to agents who believe the house should speak for itself and provide a clean canvas for potential buyers to superimpose their own images of life in the home.

My team of Kessler Crane rigs and Sony cameras help capture rich, engaging images and make buyers into believers.  For this particular shoot, we visited this Cambridge, Ontario home 5 times of 2 days to showcase the estate in it’s best light.

Contact me for technical details or more information of inbound video creation for real estate.

Recruiting for The Active City, Season 3

“It is a great honour for me to be producing the third season of the local program, The Active City!  The active ambassadors are in and now we are looking for some brave, new recruits to share their story.  Check it out!”

RFL production stillThanks to Active Cambridge and the Ontario Trillium Foundation, The Active City is back for Season 3!  The goal of the new season is to challenge some returning active partners with a new mission:  to take a new recruit to their activity and follow the journey through to measured success.  The people and the stakes are real.  Watch as some amazing local people of all ages embark on a new active journey and pave the way for others to follow.


September 2013 –

ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed disorder in children and adolescents affecting 6 to 6 percent of the population.  Watch as a new karate kid fights back and finds new hope through martial arts.

October 2013 – NOW RECRUITING!

The pressures of work and family can often lead to a black hole of inactivity.  Join a local Dad as rows his way to fitness and takes on the Head of the Trent Regatta as a beginner; proving that NOW is the time to be active.

November 2013 – NOW RECRUITING!

Balance is key to life both figuratively and literally.   Follow the new journey of a local 65+ woman with Osteoporosis who reclaims motion, balance, and control through a new friendship with Yogi, Mike Chapman.

December 2013 –

We’ve all heard the phrase “Supermom” but is it the truth?  After giving birth only 3 months prior, a new mom challenges herself to become a new runner.

February 2014 – NOW RECRUITING!

Drop out rates soar as children become young adults.  Can the lure of an Olympic sport bring one youth back from the brink?  Just in time for the Winter Olympics witness the fast-paced world of speed skating.

March 2014 –

After every Olympics a new flame ignites for the Paralympic Games and shines light on amazing athletes who overcome disability to reach amazing heights in sport.  Join the Sidewinders Hockey Team to see the grassroots development of sledge hockey.



You. Outside. In Nature…CBC 30×30 Success

Production 30x30CBC launched Live Right Now on January 1, 2011 to inspire Canadians to join together and change the health of this country.  The initiative is built around the idea that we can have a big impact by making small changes to the way we move and how we eat.

Their latest initiative, in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation, is to encourage Canadians to commit to spending 30 minutes in nature each day for 30 days in order to increase health and ward of the negative effects of nature deficit.

Needless to say, this was right up my alley!  However, they needed an online video, and they needed it fast; from pitch, to script, to storyboard, to production, and available online in less than a week … a personal record for me.

The idea was to have various CBC and Live Right Now personalities deliver parts of a script detailing the project and how they were going to get involved.  Of course, the video had to have a “nature” feel to it… not so easy in the heart of downtown Toronto.  I think we pushed the limits of the pocket park adjacent to the CBC building pretty well and I was happy with the different looks we got out of a few trees, some green grass, and yet-to-bloom plants (remember this was only April as you can tell by the visible breath on some of the talent).  The early morning weather played nicely with my available light shooting style, which meshed well with the natural theme.

We started early with a two-camera set up and minimal crew (only Nikki, a CBC producer, and a volunteer grip).  Sound is always an issue in such a busy session but I made sure to include some of the busy background in the establishing shots so it didn’t seem out of place and, since the message of the campaign is to just get outside where and when you can, I thought it amplified the David Suzuki message.

We managed to stick to our 30 minute per person schedule.  Thank goodness as Mother Nature only cooperated until noon and then a storm moved in just as we wrapped.

All in all it was great to provide an online video production for such a worthy cause and I really enjoyed the chance to work with the CBC celebs and behind-the-scenes folks.  I look forward to future projects with Live Right Now and the David Suzuki Foundation this summer!

Here’s the video…


Lights, Camera, ACTIVE!

Active Andy 1I am thrilled to be a part of the third season of The Active City television show.  The third season, thanks to the generous support of The Ontario Trillium Foundation, will continue to inspire and engage the residents of the Waterloo Region towards a more vibrant and healthy lifestyle.  Here’s the press release:

Local physical activity Advocate gets focused on third season of The Active City

Active advocate and filmmaker, Andy Hourahine, wasn’t ready to call a wrap on the locally produced television program, The Active City, just yet.

The program, which first aired on Rogers Television in 2010, focuses on sharing the stories and successes on those who live an active lifestyle.  Hourahine has showcased everything from surfing the Great Lakes to 24 Hour mountain biking all in hopes it will reinforce healthy behavior and encourage others to join in.  That’s why he was so reluctant to let it go.

“We finished production on Season 2 in January and had no funding secured to continue the program even though I felt that there were still so many worthy stories to share and good work left to be done,” explains Hourahine.

Thanks to a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Active Andy, as he is known in the community will get his wish.

The program will play a key role in a multi-media platform that will continue to educate the community about the joys and benefits of physical activity, while offering tangible ways to get involved.  Hourahine has been on a local, active mission since 1999 and, together with Active Cambridge, has already gained plenty of notoriety for our local fitness efforts including recognition from the CBC as one of the most active communities in Canada.

“This area is one of the richest, active hot spots in the country, you don’t have to venture very far to find an inspiring active path.  It’s all right here.”

Charles Wechsler, head of programming at Rogers TV, is excited about having the show returning to his line up.

“Active City has been a mainstay in Rogers TV’s line-up since the series began back in 2010. The concept of being active is made real and accessible; viewers are introduced to new sports and activities; and ultimately, they end up absorbing the benefits of an active lifestyle. “

During the 2012 calendar year, Active City aired a total of 366 times in Waterloo Region. Almost a third of these airings were in prime time. In addition, the series had a similar numbers of airings in our three other nearby markets (Brantford, Guelph and Stratford), for a combined total of 1,472 airings. That’s almost 740 hours of health promotion going out to almost 200,000 households in those four markets.

The new season will have some returning people, places, and pursuits but with a new mission, say Hourahine.

The goal for season three is to follow the story of everyday people getting off the couch and embarking new adventures in fitness by connecting with activities that are true to their latent, active personalities.

“Lack of belief in one’s self and misinformation about physical activity is a big barrier to participation for many people.  We’re going to take that head on by showing that it can be done…by anyone.”

Production begins for the new season in May 2013 with episodes to air beginning in September.  Hourahine invites anyone who is looking to get active or with a fitness story to share to contact him at”



Inbound Video Creation – Dynamic Camera Movement

We’ve established many times that in a good organization, inbound, corporate, or B2B video, content is king.  No question.  In addition to the informational content, the visual story is a key factor in engaging video creation.  A good video can make your viewer not only see what’s happening, but also feel what’s happening.  One way I go about helping clients achieve this video experience for their viewers is through dynamic camera movement, such as the use of a Glidecam.

A Glidecam (or Steadicam, they are different brand names) is a camera stabilizing mount for video cameras that mechanically isolates the camera from the operator’s movement and allows for smooth, floating shots over almost any surface.  They are very picky things and take a lot of work but offer some really excellent results, especially when trying to include the viewer in the experience being showcased.

Specifically, I use the Glidecam 4000 and occasionally back it up with the smooth shooter vest.  Any of my TV segments from the Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo area or online videos you see where you feel like you are travelling along with the subject, that’s most likely the Glidecam.  I love the work of Andre Dupuis (Departures) who utilized the mount on his world travels and Devin Graham (YouTube) who uses a Glidecam to create a signature style.  Here’s an example of it’s use in a quick piece I threw together over March Break to get some glide-exercise…some of those kids move fast!

Think about the movement and feel of your organizations day-to-day activities.  Perhaps this rhythm can be utilized on screen and help share your unique story and assist in attracting the right client to your door.