Inbound Video Creation – Dynamic Camera Movement

We’ve established many times that in a good organization, inbound, corporate, or B2B video, content is king.  No question.  In addition to the informational content, the visual story is a key factor in engaging video creation.  A good video can make your viewer not only see what’s happening, but also feel what’s happening.  One way I go about helping clients achieve this video experience for their viewers is through dynamic camera movement, such as the use of a Glidecam.

A Glidecam (or Steadicam, they are different brand names) is a camera stabilizing mount for video cameras that mechanically isolates the camera from the operator’s movement and allows for smooth, floating shots over almost any surface.  They are very picky things and take a lot of work but offer some really excellent results, especially when trying to include the viewer in the experience being showcased.

Specifically, I use the Glidecam 4000 and occasionally back it up with the smooth shooter vest.  Any of my TV segments from the Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo area or online videos you see where you feel like you are travelling along with the subject, that’s most likely the Glidecam.  I love the work of Andre Dupuis (Departures) who utilized the mount on his world travels and Devin Graham (YouTube) who uses a Glidecam to create a signature style.  Here’s an example of it’s use in a quick piece I threw together over March Break to get some glide-exercise…some of those kids move fast!

Think about the movement and feel of your organizations day-to-day activities.  Perhaps this rhythm can be utilized on screen and help share your unique story and assist in attracting the right client to your door.

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