Life is Cooler in Slow Motion

Slow motion, as a visual effect, can create drama, build up emotion, or just look cool.  In the attached clip, I was just going for the latter.  In BMX ramp, the athletes need the perfect mix of speed and fluidity so slowing things right down allows us as viewers to vicariously experience the sense of freedom and weightlessness that these riders have described in post-filming interviews.


Filmed on location in Cambridge, Ontario over the summer of 2012
CAMERA: Canon 7D 60fps (final shot with GO PRO HERO 60fps)
LENSES: 17-50mm 2.8, 10.5mm 2.8, 85mm 1.4
LIGHTING: Daylight and Mini-Vans


Slow motion editing in Adobe After Effects CS5
Twixtor added (2 – 5% depending on shot)
Colour Grading added via adjustment layer using Magic Bullet Looks
Twitch effects added via adjustment layer
Final Edit using Adobe Premiere CS5.5
Soundtrack from Video Blocks

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