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When I discussed Next Level Performance Training’s (Cambridge, Ontario) video production project it became clear that they wanted to share to the importance of strength training for ALL sports and for anyone who considered himself or herself a competitive athlete.  In addition, they wanted to create a compelling story that would introduce newcomers to the process of training in hope to breakdown the initial barriers of intimidation.

We chose to follow the training story of an athlete and sport not normally associated with strength and conditioning and filmed the process over a few months.  The story is ongoing but both NLPT and I were excited about the resulting video and impact on their business.

Here’s what Andrew Hopf, president and CEO, had to say:

 “Early in December of 2012 we began work with Andy and Force Productions to create a video web series that had the primary objective of educating the general population about proper athletic development through a structured strength and conditioning program. This initiative also set out to educate athletes of any sport about the importance of strength and conditioning and progressive development.

Besides the professional and superb quality Force Productions videos provide, I believe what sets there productions apart from others is the manner in which they convey the message.  Andy has a very unique was of positioning questions and creating a frame of reference for the intended audience that makes the message much more clear and concise.

The quality of the video production was nothing short of professional and something we have never experienced before. Using the latest technology and a very artistic sense, Andy was able to create brilliant videos that captured our message of athletic development and also the training environment we try to provide our clients here at NLPT.

For any company out there who is looking to capture and present the image/message of their company through a video like the ones we have done, I would very strongly recommend Force Productions.”



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