Inbound Video Creation – Dynamic Camera Movement

We’ve established many times that in a good organization, inbound, corporate, or B2B video, content is king.  No question.  In addition to the informational content, the visual story is a key factor in engaging video creation.  A good video can make your viewer not only see what’s happening, but also feel what’s happening.  One way[…]

3 Act Structure for Inbound Video Production Success

There is plenty of information available online about the benefits of producing video to gain inbound sales leads.  However, many of these videos are poorly produced and quite frankly boring and drawn out.  What message does that send about your interesting and dynamic company?  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Here is another video[…]

Please Don’t Squirt Me!

Recently, I was walking through our local mall and was met with perfect examples of outbound verses inbound marketing. Entering the mall, I proceeded, head down and full steam to my desired destination, trying to successfully avoid all distractions and temptations.  Suddenly, and without invitation a mid-mall, kiosk sales person intercepted my path and tried[…]